Sammamish Valley Summer Celebration – 2022

Celebrate summer by stopping by the local farm stands, markets and stores that support local agriculture in our beautiful Sammamish Valley. As we promote our 2022 Summer Celebration this year, not only on Saturday, July 23rd, but throughout summer, we encourage the public to purchase local, fresh, pesticide free food that’s grown right in our own neighborhoods. You’ll not only enjoy the beauty as you wander around the Valley, you’ll learn about our environmentally sustainable agriculture community.

Whether you grab some veggies at the farm market, get a jar of honey or jam at your favorite farm store or pick up a gorgeous bouquet from a street side farm stand, your local purchase will impact the economic vitality of the entire Sammamish Valley.

All ages are always welcome but please remember to follow each location for Covid precautions, as some require masks indoors.

Visit our Summer section for more information, open days, hours and activities for individual farms and businesses. The Summer Celebration is presented by SVA with support from the King County Alan Painter Grant Program and Olympic Nursery, Inc.

Sammamish Valley Alliance (SVA) has been working in the Valley for many years with a dedicated group of farmers and business owners to enrich the public’s knowledge regarding local, sustainable, small-farm agriculture. Sammamish Valley Celebrations, a project of SVA, are held in spring, summer and fall. Created to share the natural beauty of the valley with friends, neighbors, the community and visitors alike, SVA supports our local small farms and businesses through virtual or in-person channels.

For more information about Sammamish Valley Celebrations, e-mail

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