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In 2013 four farms came together to create the Lavender and Arts Celebration, our first joint Sammamish Valley event. Since then, Sammamish Valley farmers and local business owners have come together to host the Sammamish Valley Celebrations, seasonal events created to share our beautiful valley with the community and our visitors.

Our Mission

Sammamish Valley Alliance (SVA) is a non-profit organization focusing on enriching the public’s knowledge regarding local, sustainable, small-farm agriculture in the Sammamish Valley.

Membership and involvement is open to individuals, families, local businesses and organizations dedicated to fostering a lifestyle celebrating the agricultural heritage of the Valley and connection to the land; encouraging stewardship of our resources; and taking action to ensure small farm agriculture has a place in the socio-economic fabric of the Sammamish Valley.



The Sammamish Valley was once forested acreage, home to logging and sawmills. The Valley eventually became lush with dairy farms and truck gardens cultivated by early immigrant, pioneer, family farmers from Italy, Japan and the Philippines. History of the Sammamish Valley, and the fight to preserve this protected farmland, has been well documented over the years. The Valley is currently home to one of the first-ever community supported agriculture (CSA) operations in the State of Washington, along with nurseries, equestrian businesses and a growing number of culturally diverse farmers who are tending the soil and growing crops for the community.

In efforts to protect the agricultural economy within the Sammamish Valley, King County created the Farmland Preservation Program, resulting in designating five Agricultural Production Districts (APD’s) of which the Sammamish Valley was the first priority. This APD is the smallest with approximately 1,000 acres located along the Sammamish River bordered by the Cities of Woodinville, Redmond and Kirkland, in unincorporated King County.

Further Reading

More information can be found at History Link on the critical Washington State Growth Management Act and its impact on the valley and surrounding rural areas.

Movements to develop this fertile farmland have been consistent throughout the years and current action and disputes continue today. For insight into this area visit Friends of Samammish Valley

Additional resources on the history of the Sammamish Valley can be found from the Woodinville Heritage Society

For information from the glacial period through development and growth click here for in-depth information from History Link.

History of the indigenous Sammamish people can be found here.

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